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Aaron jeffery
Mid North Coast

Vape to help quit

Posted in Quit experiences 01 Aug 2022

I found it a bit easy to quit smoking with a vape I’m heading for day 5 tomorrow I use to be a heavy smoker but I found when I vape I still get cravings but not as strong

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  • Cuba August 02, 2022 | 6:44
    Hi Aaron,

    I don’t agree with vaping myself but you say it is helping you. I only agree with a very small amount of nicotine as found in the NRT’s. There are not many studies on long term effects of vaping. I wish you well with your attempt to quit smoking .
  • NEVER2LATE August 03, 2022 | 16:11
    Grrr... Just lost my post..
    All I wanted to say was I have a couple of e-puffers but only 'juice'... Never bothered with nicotine as I've never needed it... It's the ACTION of inhaling and blowing smoke I miss and only at certain times I. E. first coffee...
    The idea is not to smoke CIGARETTES!
    All the best to you both 😘
  • Happiness August 03, 2022 | 22:00
    I am middle of the road on this particular issue. While it is called "I Can Quit" it is not called, "I Can Quit Smoking." We could take what we learn and address other issues like vaping, drinking, drug abuse, and even dieting. It is about learning about yourself and how to change your way of thinking and how you react.

    While nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes, it is perhaps the lesser of many evils contained within. It is the tar which aggrevates and coats the lungs, and the chemicals added to sell the product for taste, smoothness, and for the quicker delivery which are even more harmful than just nicotine. Vaping can then be seen as the lesser but unknown evil. What is added to enhance their product?

    If such aids are used short term in the quest of freedom from smoking then I could endorse their use. People have gotten "hooked" on NRT's. Hence, we could break the cycle of nicotine addiction by cold turkey and vaping Then taking time to question why we need to inhale anything or do these habitual vaping breaks. When you want complete freedom from the :"habit" you will retrain your brain.

    Meanwhile be proud of any steps you take to quit smoking nicotine or being free of nicotine or a bad habit. It is the first step to success.

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