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22 yrs I was smoke free

Posted in Quit experiences 27 Jul 2022
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The first time I quit I lasted 22yrs. It was hard but I did it. Circumstances unfortunately turned me back to the smokes. But here I am again. I will get through this.

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness July 29, 2022 | 5:16
    Your body is stronger for those 22 years in which you denied nicotine in your life. Any reprieve has health benefits , but who wants to abstain over and over again.

    I am glad that your have taken the time to reflect on your life and feel that it is worth "quitting" again. It should not take you long to adjust to that state in which you lived for 22 years. Saying NO to nicotine is the short part. Believe you can do it again, and you will.

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