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4.5 years success and still succesfull

Posted in Staying quit 26 Jul 2022

I can't believe where time has gone, I am now smoke free for nearly 4.5 years and so very proud of myself. The only sad thing is that I cannot celebrate with my ex smoker buddies and family who smoke since they are still smoking and see it as a "jab" in their direction when I don't want to join in the cold when they smoke outside or want to take a break every 10 minutes to do so. I don't see myself as a smoker any more, it is not hard or a temptation being around smokers... I simply don't. I haven't logged in to the site in years but believe it was one of my reasons I didn't fail at trying to quit. Sharing with others makes one feel accountable and since it's online, it doesn't feel like you will be judged. Thank you ever so much and I pass on my hope to you all in your success as well. Regards from New Zealand.

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  • Happiness July 29, 2022 | 5:24
    Yes , a forum can make you feel somewhat accountable and yet annonymous. I believe in checking into this site now and again even when long time quit as not to give into temptation. We always need to remember NOPE and that we are addicts to nicotine. Rejoice in your new found freedom and the choice to stand out in a blizzard or not! They only wish that they too could find the courage to even try to quit.

    A Big Congratulatons for you 4.5 years. Well Done. Stand and be PROUD.
  • Nellie2023 , Hunter New England August 13, 2022 | 9:56
    On day 3 of quitting! Using patches and nrt inhalers and lozenges. I’ve quit for a little bit longer in the past but never held out as I just felt mentally exhausted and easily went back. Most times were cold turkey which I’m realising was not a very good idea, it’s hard like basically impossible, hats off to those that quit cold turkey! The nrt I feel gives me a fighting chance I think, I’m not overwhelmed. It’s hard with two small kids but it’s also better as they depend on me so much so it’s easier to keep busy. I think I will hold out this time, I feel very done with it, normally my brain convinces me that smoking isn’t that bad, the effects arnt that noticeable ect, like a little nicotine demon talking me into it. It’s never the cravings that make me give in but the phycological torment that does. I feel like I’ve accepted the uncomfortbility and irritability of it all this time like I’m ok with being angry right now.

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