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Posted in Quit experiences 24 Jul 2022

Hi all,

Got a calendar reminder on my phone this morning that it is now 6 years since I finally became free of the chains and shackles of smoking. The days of "counting the days and months" are truly gone and this will happen for you too. You will reach a place where it takes a calendar reminder to remind you you were once a smoker. Thank you iCanQuit and thank you Champix! It took several tries but I got there in the end. You guys reading this will too.

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  • NEVER2LATE July 27, 2022 | 13:13
    Oh WOW! HUGE congratulations Steve01!
    I've become a *serial quitter* I suspect 🙄

    Must get internet connection from here to lappy then I can chat easily without having to Swype PLUS bigger screen lol
  • Steve01 July 27, 2022 | 14:20
    Hi Nevertolate... I was a serial quitter of sorts for a while but I managed to nail it in the end and YOU will too! :-)
  • Happiness July 29, 2022 | 5:51
    Congratulations on 6 fabulous smoke-free years Steve. When people see wonderful stories like yours they realize that they do have hope and thus the ability to find success too! Every quit is different and we learn from our mistakes. We can eventually find the key that works for us. For me it was find this support group and finding the belief in myself.
  • Steve01 July 29, 2022 | 11:18
    Thanks for the comments Happiness. Glad to see you're still doing so well also. Yep, the iCanQuit group most definitely was a key motivator to hang in there. 😊

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