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Posted in Reasons to quit 22 Jul 2022

Hi, I am on day 2 of being a non smoker. I smoked for 30 years. I watched my dad die from lung cancer and am now watching my mum gradually get worse with early emphysema from passive smoking. My family are struggling to make ends meet and smokes are taking a lot of our money. So for myself, my health, my family and our future I finally did it! Not wanting a smoke so far but feeling very lost and not myself.

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  • Happiness July 22, 2022 | 22:46
    When you get that "lost" feeling, remember and be proud that you are making a choice to give you and your family a better life in so many ways. Stop and think what smoking costs, has cost you and will continue to cost you in the future. You are sacrificing nothing by quitting smoking , and will gain so much in return.
    You only smoked to avoid the "cravings". You only smoked because it became a routine, and that became a part of you.

    Many of us hear smoked longer than you and quit. We understand how you feel but I encourage you to read our stories, stick with your fantastic decision and reap the rewards too!
    Remember that it is a CHOICE. You CAN do this!
  • Robn July 25, 2022 | 14:36
    Hi Kypete. Fantastic decision and you will not regret it. When you get that lost feeling.......don’t sit there rolling in it.get up and go for a walk, potter in the garden, find a hobby that you can go to at these times.. we have to help gets easier as each day passes
  • Kypete , Murrumbidgee July 25, 2022 | 17:12
    Hi Happiness and Robb, thank you both for your advice. I am day 5 now and it’s getting a lot easier. I’m actually changing my lifestyle and getting a lot more fresh air and getting more done. I am amazed how much time was wasted smoking!

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