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Slip ups

Posted in Hints and tips 21 Jul 2022

Don’t give up when you slip up…if only 1 or 2 pretend that did not happen and just keep going….don’t think you have failed….just think of it as a hiccup….good luck to all…..I am 100 days with 3 slip ups, but I will win this war and never give up.😳

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  • Ariel2121 July 22, 2022 | 13:05
    Free forever, I so agree, I’ve had some slip ups a few cigs here and there but always said oh well that happened but today I’m a non smoker. Refuse to get down on myself so always thinking I don’t smoke.
    I am now 3 days off of a year of giving up a daily habit.
    I can breathe, I can exercise, I don’t cough so don’t beat yourself up about a slip up.
    Just keep going, forgive yourself and keep moving forward 😊
  • Liz87 , Western Sydney July 22, 2022 | 20:23
    Im at 200 days and have had a few slip ups. But always keep going on stopping. I have put alot of work into stopping so im not giving up so easily.
  • Happiness July 22, 2022 | 22:58
    A hiccup is momentary not life changing. Forgive yourself and move on towards that goal of a healthier you. Reaffirm your commitment to yourself.

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