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Posted in Reasons to quit 19 Jul 2022

Hi all,

My partner and in quit in February. He vaped untill 4 weeks ago and has now stopped. I had three slip up where I had a couple of cigarettes as a one off just over 7 weeks ago. Now that he is not using the vape I feel the pressure to not have even one as I dont want to cause him to start smoking again ( this is helpful to me as it stops me from smoking. Issue is that he is going overseas in 6 days for 2 weeks and I worry that I will fold. I'm not going with him as I have a 2 year old and don't want to travel with her re covid. What have people done in this situation to not smoke. I need strength

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  • Cuba July 21, 2022 | 20:42
    Hi Liz87,

    I haven’t been in that exact situation but you can take it from me that it’s so worth quitting. Even one occasionally smoke keeps you right in the loop. I know this from my own experience. Be Strong and think positive. Write down your reasons that you want to stay quit and stick to your guns. Believe me it is wonderful feeling clean and not being controlled by nicotine. I got lozenges to help they do have a very small amount of nicotine in them but they have helped me greatly to curb my cravings and I have not smoked. Cold turkey is great but it can become difficult. Still it’s a possibility. Stay on track Liz I have faith in you!
  • Cuba July 21, 2022 | 20:47
    The main thing to do is to be determined. If you can do this ie quit, then you can do other things you want to do. It gives you self-confidence but continuing to smoke just makes you feel guilty and lacking self confidence, control and self-esteem. These things are very valuable. And so just stick at it and you will get there 🙂
  • Liz87 , Western Sydney July 22, 2022 | 12:31
    Thank you so much for your words Cuba xx
    I really needed it
  • Cuba July 22, 2022 | 18:25
    Thanks Liz. Reach out to us on this site for support. We are all here to help ourselves and each other. I hope my words have helped you even in a small way. 🙂🌈
  • Happiness July 22, 2022 | 23:06
    You are proud of your mate's quitting. I am sure he feels the same way.

    Be proud and confident that you have come this far and will continue to be free of the hold of nicotine and the psychological need to smoke. Think of the positives and I am sure that you will be fine.

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