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It REALLY is worth it.

Posted in Quit experiences 18 Jun 2022

I am just over 6 and a half years quit and mostly thanks the this forum. I pop in from time to time to express gratitude to all the friends here who helped me quit.

Having smoked for 53 years it seemed an impossible task to stop. But by then I had become really disgusted with myself having reached the age of 67 and desperately trying to kill myself with the strongest cigarettes and 20 a day. I had already had three heart stents and my wife had a heart by-pass.

The day I quit I went cold Turkey and took a selfie of me smoking my last cigarette.

Thanks you Icanquit and all my friends I’ve saved over &60000 and am still alive and kicking.

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  • Slk June 19, 2022 | 4:41
    Awesome job..n gives me hope aswell.
  • Cuba June 19, 2022 | 7:34
    Thanks for your story it’s very inspiring. 😀
  • Happiness June 22, 2022 | 0:28
    You are an inspiration Dobbins. We can all choose life instead of smoking!
  • Mike O June 22, 2022 | 7:56
    👍Fantastic great work Dobbin!😀
  • MichelleQuitting June 26, 2022 | 20:10
    Thank you! I’m 55 at have felt I’ve left my run too late. Your story inspires me x
  • Lia July 02, 2022 | 14:39
    Hi Dobbin. Good to hear from a blast from the past. I just knew you would still be 100 days behind me. Who could forget? I only found your post because someone posted from my 7 year quit announcement from early June, cos I forgot to post on the 30th of May, wondering what I sent my $80K windfall on. Unfortunately, at least 90% of it is "languishing" in my unders and overs tray. I cannot possibly spend it all, and even rising cost of living prices have not been a threat to the pile of money saved. Just a tiny dent. I think the rise in cost of cigarettes is a bigger threat to the hip pocket as I would be burning about $1600 per month. Nothing has gone up that much. That's enough about me. I always think of my quit buddy and just know he and his wife are able to live the dream and not a nightmare. Power to you, Dobbin. May you continue to bask in your success.

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