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Mike O

My experience after 3 weeks no smoking

Posted in Quit experiences 11 Jun 2022
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3 weeks in. my experience on this current quit attempt.

No cough not one no runny nose.

I was hoping for some energy and umph to excercise- I have none.

I am chronically fatigued. I have no energy for anything.

metal fog seems to be lessening in the last day. Will it return- I cannot rule it out.

Gaining weight at a rate if a stone every 3 weeks.

My expectations - none- cannot see a motif for the fatigue lifting- food not providing energy sleep not bringing energy either neither is rest.

Glad I’ve made the break with smoking a d feel it’s permanent but I’m certainly not dancing down the street. It is What it is I suppose.

Like grief after a sysmic a line is drawn but you sure don’t feel better you just feel things are over.

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1 Comment

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  • Lia July 02, 2022 | 16:00
    Hi Mike O. Seems like you have a quit buddy in SLK. That is a good thing because there is obvious time invested by a quit buddy who keeps you striving. To answer your question about what is now $82K and how I have spent it, well, I haven't. Battled to waste 10% of it, to reward myself. Cost of living rises is nothing compared to how I might be faring if I still supported the grim reaper habit and burnt my money in an ash tray. Sure Super has dropped, but you are in good company. So has everyone else's. For me that would be and extra $16K per annum invested in ash and closer to serious health problems. You don't have to hide behind a puff of smoke pretending you have no worries. You are in a better position to seek solutions as problems will always rear their heads. The only time you will have no problems is when you are no longer alive. We were on a path to self destruction before quitting. Find one positive each day, write it down and dwell upon it. Beats thinking constantly about what w may not have. Will worrying about not having millions of dollars really help? Enjoy the one's you have or even had...

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