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Manage your expectations

Posted in Hints and tips 11 Jun 2022

U.K. Health care professionals although well meaning often extol the benefits of quitting whilst trivialising the withdrawal symptoms.

I understand they do this to encourage quit attempts.

I also understand many are reading from a script and have never smoked themselves.

I don’t think you can equate smoking to any other type of addiction however I notice they don’t really do this with other forms of addiction.

The picture is often painted after 2-3 weeks of quitting - you will be richer, have more energy, over cravings over eating weight we lm normalise- your vitals will be Back to normal and life will be tickerty boo! Life a dream and a fresh start.

This is not the case giving up is fundamental to do but please don’t think it will be all sunshine and roses after 2-3 weeks.

Every quit attempt is individual and worthwhile please manage your expectations to avoid disappointment and failure.

I advise expect nothing expect to be patient for results- years and not months- certainly not weeks or days and also prepare that results might never happen. Then if things happen sooner rather than later enjoy the bonus but be prepared- you are giving up decades long engrained habits.

Similar to drug withdrawal you can feel off key for a very ling time.

Only you will know when this eventually passes- it’s all individual please don’t believe the hype of a 2-3 week kick out hen that’s that

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