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Posted in Hints and tips 09 Jun 2022

I find it useful not to dwell or ruminate in thoughts of smoking- in effect remove it from my mind.

Eat sleep watch tv cook do anything to push the thoughts out of your mind.

I never told anyone either of my cessation attempt to avoid discussion and focus on the topic.

I also took 4 days off work in order to go cold Turkey with the mindset it was to give up smoking only and get through the withdrawal phase- so basically said to myself if I want to watch tv I will sleep I exercise I will sleep I will and do the withdrawal on my own without work pressure or family or friends around. That really helped.get all the physical and mental nasties that may come out - out in my own safe space. Worked well for me.

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  • Happiness June 09, 2022 | 23:08
    Good of you to join and post Mike. Only you can make choices right for you. As we follow this path of change , we learn about ourselves as well as about smoking/nicotine. I also need a certain amount of caffeine, and while caffeine ramps you up, too much can also cause negative effects i. I do believe it is best in MODERATION , as is most things. Nicotine tended to diminish the effect of caffeine. Too many people confused the jitters with anxiety from withdrawal of quitting smoking. In a round about way they were correct.

    Cravings are really just thoughts. We can dwell on them or dismiss them. Just DON'T debate with a craving. We have made up our minds and carry second guessing ourselves.

    When we CHOOSE to quit smoking, we do not need to quit other things we enjoy, like friends who smoke. Hopefully they will support your decision and envy you when you succeed! Some people might wish to sabotage your efforts. Only you know you and your friends.

    Keep the positive thoughts and dismiss the negative. Be happy, be proud and be FREE!
  • Mike O June 10, 2022 | 9:44
    Thank Happiness - I agree don’t engage with the cravings as thoughts- leave them as past thinking history and move forward

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