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Patches are not strong enough

Posted in Getting started 01 Mar 2013

Tension, sore jaw and constant cravings i have gone from 30 smokes a day sometimes more sometimes less to 6-7 a day on the patches i did quit yeas before after being a 60 a day smoker i was a non smoker for 10 years but stupidly took it up again 2 and a half years ago through hypnotherapy unfortunatly the man that treated me retired i recently had a course of champix and it was very good no side affects i quit for 6 weeks but the cravings came back and i am too weak to fight strong cravings i am now on the patches and feel like they are not enough my willpower is poor wish there was somethig eaiser

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  • marthanewsome, Western Sydney March 02, 2013 | 21:12
    I have quit today. I found in the past the patches are not strong enough either. This time I am using the patches with the nicorette oral spray and I think it is working. Everytime I feel like one I spray one spray in my mouth under my tongue and leave it there for a couple of minutes and then swallow. Also deep breathing after helps. Good luck and I hope we all stop. I was a pack day smoker too.
  • jasonramon March 01, 2013 | 21:52
    i really think you should look at ecigs you still get to do everything like a smoke just don't get the tar and poison. chk it out, as far as cravings they get easier and shorter in time and easy to say no too, walk passed a smoker and smell them after they smoke.
  • leighdo13 March 01, 2013 | 21:03
    Jeez healthy, please don't say that. I have been smoke free for 21 days today and I am still battling. I smoked for 35 years and I STILL find myself instinctively reaching for a smoke (although there's nothing there). I really thought all cravings would ahve gone by 6 weeks. I really wish that I would not want to smoke.

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