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Brian Dirou
Hunter New England

Use the meds

Posted in Staying quit 04 Jun 2022

106 days now 👍 Used the Zyban, patches and gum. 61 years old and had 40 years of heavy smoking. I've had enough. My health is heaps better. My feet are still numb, pains & pins and needles.

Would still love to have a dhurrie, I miss them. I occasionally have an "air drag", works for me.

A few peeps here going on about how disgusting they are etc. Get your hand off it, we all loved it and know what they are like. It's attitudes like that, that used to make me feel 'fugg you' which is of course stupid.

I'ts definitely worth it but it is REALLY hard and I miss them, would love one, even talking about it. 😒

Good luck comrades, stick in there. If you falter, it's OK, life's like that, get back on the bike again.

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  • Happiness June 06, 2022 | 9:09
    I think we all thought we loved smoking at one time or another. I also believe that most of us tried to quit at some point and couldn't , then continue to make excuses to continue smoking. Had we realized and accepted that we only smoked because it was more enjoyable than perceiving life without it as a series of endless cravings, perhaps we may have given it more than a half hearted try as a last minute new years resolution.
    When we see the act of smoking for what it is, we can make up our minds to make change, and are empowered to do so. Keep at it and you too will succeed.! Keep thinking of the positive changes, like better health to keep you on the right course.
  • Brian Dirou , Hunter New England June 06, 2022 | 15:05
    I'm doing OK 'Mr Happiness'. I know if I enjoyed smoking or not. Get your hand off it. 109 days is OK and don't preach to me, I'm giving support to others, I don't need your preachy BS. Don't claim to know what we are thinking and our motivations. People like you really fugging annoy me. Namas fugging te.

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