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Day 80!

Posted in Hints and tips 01 Jun 2022

Have reached 80 days nic free. I decided to go cold turkey this time around after failed attempts with nrt. I don't know if I read it here or somewhere else but what has made all the difference for me this time around is to consider myself a non smoker from the beginning and not a smoker that is trying to quit. It seems so obvious now but I never thought of it before. Hope this helps somebody. I have quit so many times and dreaded it and suffered each time but this time with a mindset of a non smoker it hasn't been hard at all! Not to say I didn't get cravings but I quickly thought "I'm not a smoker, why would I buy or smoke a cigarette" and they passed without much more thought than that. It really is such a mental game.

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  • Happiness June 03, 2022 | 5:24
    Way to go Piff!

    I don't know if I had ever thought of it in that way.
    It may be from years of admission that I smoked , for health and insurance purposes. Funny how I always felt ashamed, yet continued to smoke. Back then I had no belief in my power to stop. I will be forever thankful that I stumbled upon a forum and saw the truth. We can quit when we choose to change how we perceive ourselves and the addiction. When we are faced with the truth that we are addicts and feed the addiction to feel good, rather than endure the cravings (which can be managed and short lived), we can then see how we have become controlled. We do not CHOOSE to smoke, we HAVE to smoke . We do not like to feel controlled. Why is it harder then to Choose a bit of pain or hardship for a wealth of life and regaining control?

    I generally reply "I quit three years ago". Perhaps it is because it makes me proud to express my accomplishment and / or to be proof that it can be done.

    I think I succeeded because others did, and I also had some knowledge and support , rather than stumbling blindly and ignorantly. I realized that I did have a choice!
  • Happiness June 03, 2022 | 5:35
    btw, Congratulations on your 80 days and great mindset that will see you through.
    . This view will undoubtedly be of help to others.

    Think positive !

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