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3 weeks and a day

Posted in Quit experiences 24 May 2022

It’s the three week mark and I found the past week super difficult. On Thursday night hubby and I had a chat and we calculated if you smoke a pack a day over twenty five years ( rough estimate for me but close enough) you would end up having close to a quarter million cigarettes. Now that’s food for thought that really freaked me out then I woke up feeling panicky and craving a cigarette on Sunday morning and just felt off full stop super depressed, then I thought of that number quarter mill wow what else do you consume that much of like seriously it really made me think and it stopped the panic . Since then I let that number run through my mind a few times a day or when I start to yearn for one. I cannot believe I actually have smoked so many cigarettes it’s truly unbelievable. So maybe try that stop and calculate how many you’ve had and it really should make you think. We are all different and on different journeys but we are here to support each other I’ve found jumping on this website makes me feel less alone now I need to start implementing some positive habits and what I’ve definitely done is taken it 1 day at a time like really just concentrate on today that’s it .

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  • Happiness May 24, 2022 | 20:47
    Good for you Mia. Keep on with the positive thinking and a different outlook on smoking. We can get our freedom back and you WILL love it! I have yet to have anyone state that they wish that they were a smoker.
  • MiaK , Western Sydney May 25, 2022 | 8:35
    Thank you happiness we deserve freedom
  • dstfry123 , Hunter New England June 05, 2022 | 7:28
    I did the savings calculator and in the first year for me not smoking I bought my first brand new car and paid cash. I’m on day 945 and still putting away the money each week that I saved from not smoking and I have enough now to buy another 2. I’m 57 and smoked 40 years. You got this.

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