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Posted in Getting started 23 May 2022

Hi i really struggle with quitting as I have been trying for many years!

I know all the reasons for quitting ( health money family) but as I work on my own it’s just a big mind game that seems to big for me any help would be greatly appreciated thanks Dave!

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  • Happiness May 24, 2022 | 8:57
    Welcome Corso. Quitting smoking really is a mind game. Think positive and you will have success. Past quits are the past. You learned what your triggers were and how they affected you. Why not think differently this time around? Read our stories, plan, draw strength and encouragement from the success others have had. That was the key for me, a 40 plus year smoker who had resigned herself to dying a smoker. Once seeing other succeed, I could envision myself free too. Believe it, and you can be free too, perhaps even easier than you could imagine.

  • dstfry123 , Hunter New England June 05, 2022 | 7:33
    Please remember cigs are a drug and they will get in every corner of your mind and give you a reason to have a smoke. I’m on day 945 and used a little mantra every time a smoke thought got into my head. I would tell myself I don’t smoke. Not anymore, or I used to smoke or I’m a reformed smoker, just plain I don’t smoke. Train your mind to believe what you need it to believe rather than letting a drug control it.

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