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Letting Go

Posted in Staying quit 12 May 2022

My desire to smoke again is leaving me completely. I feel so happy with this and I am using the money saved towards a gym membership, travel and some new clothes. Whenever I feel a bit of a slight craving I take a few really deep breaths relishing that fresh air instead of toxic fumes. Exercising now is quite easy for me. I am finally letting go of the feeling of a need to smoke. Once you commit to it and remain like that with a strong resolve it becomes totally possible and real.

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  • Happiness May 13, 2022 | 9:34
    When you think you can , you can. The mind is a value tool in this endeavor. Continue with the positive attitude and other wonderful changes in your life and you will not miss smoking.
  • Liz87 , Western Sydney May 14, 2022 | 12:13
    Hi Cuba,

    Great to read your progress.
    Exercise is a great one to iuse your money saved and you have some other fun ways to spend your hard earned money. I have been using my money saved from quitting to pay for a long weekend way, baby sitting and dinners out.
    So far I have saved $2,500.00
  • Cuba May 14, 2022 | 14:03
    Thanks Happiness and Liz87, it is really good to have some extra money especially for the exercise. I wouldn’t be able to be going to the gym if I hadn’t quit smoking just from a physical ( and mental) point of view. I feel very motivated now which wasnt there before. And I hope you are going well Liz with your aim to stay smoke free and enjoying your weekends and dinners .
  • MiaK , Western Sydney May 15, 2022 | 17:27
    You are all so motivating and positive hopefully I can get there as well some day it’s only day 14 but so monumental for me I’ve never gone more than a day just the emotional want and absence I feel is the hard part hope it goes away soon.

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