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Posted in Quit experiences 10 May 2022

Hi, I have lost count of the stories I have read about people wanting to quit but falling off the wagon all the time. As a smoker for over 40+ years, I too did this and found it not only humiliating but very disheartening. We commit to lots of other things in life, our jobs, our families etc. why is quitting smoking so difficult for some? I believe it really is in your mindset. We feel we are losing something valuable....and life will never be the same. Yep that is one envy’s a smoker, no one wants to spend bucket loads of money only to throw it in the trash. All we need to do is never buy them or smoke them again...and we are free. Who wouldn’t want that? Life will never be the is so much better and you can have that too. Just stop!

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  • Cuba May 10, 2022 | 11:56
    Yep, I agree Robn with what you have said. I fell off the wagon too. But I finally made the decision never to go back and it is about having a new attitude and mindset towards smoking. You are right we make commitments all the time to other areas of our lives so why not do this with dirty old cigarettes ? When we smoked we wanted to quit all the time because we knew it was bad for us. I fell off the wagon I think because I couldn’t make up my mind about it. And I lost my willpower ! I even thought I could just have a sneaky one now and then and get away with it. Well that did not work out at all. The purpose of quitting is to get it out of you and your life for good and get on with other things that are beneficial for you not taking many years off your life and emptying your bank account amid many other reasons. Who wants that horrible smokers cough and the self blame and guilt that comes when you light up again? It just isn’t worth it.
  • Cuba May 10, 2022 | 12:12
    Cravings got to me but essentially once you realise that these are just thoughts then they lose a lot of their power. For quite a while I found they gripped me but having spells when I fed my addiction certainly did not help me at all. It’s great at last to be clean off cigarettes. I get an occasional small craving now but now I just don’t want to smoke again. I’ve gotten used to my new life without them and that sense of loss and deprived feeling is not there anymore. It takes time to get used to and also a degree of mental strength . You need to be determined to see it through. And I believe that anyone can do it. Certainly if I can then anyone else can as I was very addicted.
  • Happiness May 11, 2022 | 22:48
    Instead of feeling deprived of having a cigarette, just think of how proud you are of yourself for making a change for the better. You can find other things to fill those "voids" and spend your money on things that will actually bring you pleasure, whether immediate or long lasting.

    When we realize that smoking is really a waste of time and money, we can find that letting go is much easier than we realized. Seeing 40 year plus smokers end the tyranny gives hope. We all feel that no one else is addicted as much as I. We can quit smoking when we set our minds to it and embrace other pleasures in life.

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