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Beat not EAT - the boredom away

Posted in Staying quit 12 Feb 2013

Hi, 330 days and counting Ive saved over seven grand but I find lately that I tend to be "craving" carbohydrates. Bread, chips, menthols and peppermints all the foods that are comforts - I tend to think it is only boredom and I rationalise when I'm shopping that it is better than buying those damned cigarettes. Being slightly mobility impaired which doesn't lend itself to exercise too well also doesn't help. Those many years of smoking certainly has effected my will

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  • leighdo13 February 12, 2013 | 17:59
    my goodness - 330 days and still counting. Does a person actually ever forget? I would have thought that by this time it would be a forgotten distant memory. I find that a scary future.
  • PallMall , South Western Sydney February 12, 2013 | 18:14
    leighdo13 - with regards to still counting - I hope I never forget to keep counting the days and the money saved. You say that you find that a scary future" but it is a future that has a chance of life - it's the alternative that I truly find scary"had I not have stopped the deadly habit.
  • rainbow4006 February 21, 2013 | 19:46
    Leighdo13, my sister gave up 30 years ago, and if you ask her, she can automatically tell you the day, month, year and time she had her last cigarette, people remember because its a huge event in a former smokers life and took enormous courage to give up, and even after 30 years my sister says that ocassionally when she has a glass of wine, she thinks "oh a cig would be nice", i know a man who gave up 40 years ago, and he still has those moments, but they are just moments, and pass very quickly, you just dont act on them
  • PallMall , South Western Sydney February 21, 2013 | 23:22
    Rainbow 4006,
    You're absolutely right - the truth is that you know one would lead to another, and I imagine everyone on this site knows deep down that it is so.

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