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Stress and no sleep

Posted in Hints and tips 12 Feb 2013

Week one is done and dusted and I am so proud of myself. My hardest one to give up was the morning ciggie.

I am on day 7, and I found myself thinking...its ok to have just one today... kinda as a reward. Thankfully I havent had one, because of the web searches I have looked at, i know that there is no such thing as one smoke.

Its a hard day today... but my concentration is getting better. I can run a lot longer without the cramping and tightening of my muscles. I have a horrible sore throat, and the headaches are always here, but that could be from the lack of sleep. I have been having horrible nightmares too. I am extremely thirsty.

Its getting very hard to focus on the positive points of quitting today. But I know I can do this. I dont really hav much of a choice. In the past year, my health has fallen apart. I spend more time recovering from some illness than my in-laws.

I really want to stop smoking this time for good. I cant wait for the phyiscal symtoms to pass. I am not craving the smoke as much, i know that the cravings I have are all in my head. I just feel crap, and moody.

Good luck to all... the benefits of quitting should be starting soon...keep strong

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  • leighdo13 February 12, 2013 | 16:52
    Hey Del - I agree with you 100% about the morning wake-up ciggie. I knew if I could conquer that I was on my way, and I was right. I am only on day 4 today. Well done on making your first week. I just keep telling myself that tomorrow will be easier. Yesterday was a really bad day for me and I guess there will be more. Just hang in there, you will soon see the signs that will make it worthwhile.
  • cressida February 12, 2013 | 23:39
    Hi Folks have just joined but is day 4 for me too! My husband is away so as he smokes I figured I would have one less stress out of the picture. Soo hard but have left this so long and my life has gotten away on me! NEVER thought I would be a 55 year old woman who still smoked. Love a duck - how horrible. Anyway I do believe my eyes look clearer! I have been unable to focus on any one thing for long but by gosh I do not want to have my kids nursing me with lung cancer. I will do this and I love hearing your stories. thank you.

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