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Day 12 and going strong but worrying about an upcoming event

Posted in Hints and tips 01 Feb 2013

This is me searching for a hint or tip. I am at day 12 no smokes, all is going well, feeling slightly down but nothing too drastic. I am however constantly worrying about my best friends engagement party in two weeks time. I am a bridesmaid, and until I quit smoking I was over the moon for my girlfriend and her fiancé and was really looking forward to the party, now I am just absolutely dreading it! I feel like I don't even want to go because I'm so scared that I will give in to pressure and cravings etc and undo all the good work I have done. I feel Terrible fOr feeling this way, and I would just die if my girlfriend even knew I was thinking like this. I'm worried I won't be strong enough to resist a ciggerette if I am around other smokers, around alcohol, in a party situation etc. does anyone have any tips or advice??? Help!

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  • dr.feelgood , Western NSW February 01, 2013 | 23:03
    well by then it will be 26 days smoke-free why worry you have reached a milestone why would want to undo all the good work you have done, trust in yourself stay strong and be happy.
  • Gerry1 February 02, 2013 | 8:14
    You will have many challenges along the way so just look at this as your first big test.
    Then you can say "I beat that one so I can beat them all"

    Look forward to meeting the challenge and will yourself to get through without a smoke. Then you can feel proud of yourself.
    I can assure you it does get easier but you have to get past these initial tests.
    You have to remember that you cannot have "just one"
  • Tracey J , Hunter New England February 02, 2013 | 16:07
    Try to think about the day you will be bridemaid and not about the party as by then you will be smoke free and your skin should have a nice healthy glow (but don't out do the bride). You've already had 12 sucessful days so you've already proved you can be strong, remind yourself of what you've achieved and how dissapointed you will be if you cave. You can do this!!!! Good luck

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