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I think I need help

Posted in Getting started 29 Jan 2013

Hi there,

So 6 weeks ago I have quit smoking weed - I used to smoke every single night with my partner and have been a full time weed smoker for over 3 years.Over these past 6 weeks my mood swings have been ridiculous, my anxiety is off the radar, my sleeping patterns are screwed, my chest is on fire, I'm depressed, I'm hungry all the time and it's affecting my life in every single way.These last couple of days are the only couple of days where I haven't been affected by the withdrawals of not smoking weed and I have decided to bite the bullet and quit smoking ciggies as well.  I am 23 years old and my first ciggie was when I was 11. I started smoking socially until the age of 20 and for 3 years I have been a full time/pack a day smoker.I hate how dependant I am on smoking ciggies, I hate the way it makes me feel, I hate that I have pains in my legs from circulation, I hate the fact I cough all the time, I hate the way it makes my skin look, I hate the feeling in my chest when I don't smoke.So why do I smoke? and why is it so hard to quit.

I think sometimes I'm bored and just choose to smoke, other times I see other people smoke and I just crave it instantly.

I need all the help I can get and I'm scared that my anxiety and depression are going to get even more worse if I quit smoking ciggies.  I just don't know what to do about it.

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  • Tracey J, Hunter New England January 29, 2013 | 20:14
    Great advice jodes5. I think we all need people like you to help us remain focused.
  • jodes5 January 29, 2013 | 15:06
    Firstly, congratulations on trying to quit and gain some control back in your life!
    It is a really brave step to try quitting both at once. Maybe if your anxiety levels are so out of control, it may be better to focus on quitting one thing at a time. Once you feel better from quitting weed, then try to quit smoking later once your emotions and anxiety are a little more under control. It may even be worth getting your GP to refer you to a counsellor who can help you.
    I am feeling similar to how you describe just from quitting ciggies, I am at 29 days and still having heaps of trouble sleeping, horrible cough and eating everything in site....I have just decided to not stress about the weight gain...once my cravings are under control I can focus on that later.
    Keep up the good work, it will get easier. Just try to stay as busy as you can....I've even started doing jigsaw puzzles and playing lego with my son just to keep my hands busy.

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