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Health scare

Posted in Getting started 05 Apr 2022

I have always been scared to quit because I know how hard it will be and how you have to keep strong mentally to resist the cravings. As someone who has a mental illness, this can be extremely daunting thing to do. Just take it 1 day at a time, and if you slip, don't be too hard on yourself. I'm not saying to quit quitting, but it might be able to show what your triggers are. When you see what they are, you can hopefully develop ways to either avoid it or plan some coping strategies to help. I've had a serious health scare and I'm so determined to quit but the fear of quitting is still there for me but now when I get a craving, I'll use my mouth spray and think about why I am finally determined to see this through.

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  • Happiness April 05, 2022 | 22:55
    Don't sell yourself short Mishmash, there is no reason why anyone can't quit smoking when they decide that that is what they truly want. You want it but you fear it, and that fear is winning out. Fear stops us dead in our tracks and leaves us vulnerable.

    Cravings do not last forever. It scares people to think that this phase of readjustment will impact our lives forever. It takes very little time in the actual scheme of things when you consider how much time you will have and gain in the future. Do you worry about money? How much stress does that cause? Imagine saving for a dream vacation or simply having the extra money to do with as you please. Money and health are only part of the incentive. What about the freedom? It is liberating to go out and not worry when you can sneak out for a smoke , or if you can. Have you any idea how you reek of smoke to others.? How foolish we look(ed) standing out in the rain or a blizzard to get our fix of nicotine. When you start seeing smoking in a different light, we can change how we feel about smoking.

    When you understand it that you are an addict to an abusive substance, and that you did not choose it.........
    When you understand that you do have a choice to resume or to say "enough".......
    You have made the first steps to freedom by trying and learning your triggers, and of course by joining this app. You are not alone, and you have understanding and support on this journey now. Perhaps, not physically holding your hand, but we extend our thoughts through stories and lessons for you to consider and aid in your endeavour. Perhaps , most of all, we are proof that we can quit smoking and that you can do too. Please stop the fear and look forward to and embrace the change you are choosing to make.

    Plan to win and you will!

  • Cuba April 06, 2022 | 14:34
    Good Work Mishmash!
    Keep going it’s really worth it.

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