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Anyone suddenly turned off the taste?

Posted in Quit experiences 04 Apr 2022
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I recently decided I HAD to quit smoking. I can’t afford it anymore and there’s obviously nothing good about it. I’m literally paying to sit in a smoke haze and give myself a disease. So stupid! The thought of not having something to light and inhale though gave me anxiety. What would I now do with my morning coffee or when I was bored? I really just want the nicotine out of my system but still wanted something to smoke. Why can’t they invent something that isn’t dangerous or addictive but gives the same sensation as smoking? Nicotine and tobacco free Ciggies, of course! So I purchased 4 different flavours to try. The first 2 days I’d light a herbal as often as I would a normal cig. I thought I’d found the answer to giving up! I couldn’t believe how it felt just like smoking normally. I convinced myself I’d do this for a month until the nicotine was out of my body then I wouldn’t need the herbals. I thought I’d try a normal cig to see if I could tell the difference and it tasted disgusting! I put it out after 2-3 puffs. A few hours later I tried a herbal one and it just tasted so disgusting too, like burning wood, I couldn’t continue to inhale this thing. Today is day 4 and every time I think about having a cigarette I remind myself if that revolting smell and taste and just can’t stomach the idea of smoking now. I’m extremely happy that I’m so turned off but equally nervous that this shall pass and I’ll be back to craving a smoke.

Is it common to feel completely turned off smoking after a few days? Has anyone successfully given up after trying herbal Ciggies?

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness April 04, 2022 | 23:27
    I was turned off of cigarettes completely when I was pregnant decades ago. I can only wish that I had the belief and the sense to take advantage of that wonderful opportunity. Like you, I could not visualize myself in a social setting or having coffee without my friend the cigarette. Of course, It is our enemy, never our friend!

    Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Take advantage of your situation and continue to read our stories and find the mindset needed to remain quit without difficulties. We CAN quit when we want to, and when we believe that we can. I had no difficulty in doing so. It really is a state of mind I think. We do not miss what we do not want. Instead of mourning it's loss, celebrate the freedom, the health and the opportunities ahead. Enjoy the benefits bestowed upon the non-smokers which we also deserve.

    There really is not anything much more boring than sitting mindlessly smoking. Why not hold a $$$ dollars in your hand and burn them. See if you can force yourself to do it. Yet you did it everyday before. Change how you think about smoking and enjoy the money on something that really will bring you joy and something worthwhile doing!

    Once you do quit, I also recommend visits to this site to aid you in remaining quit. Always remember NOPE, as the nicotine is out of the system in about 72 hours and we are addicted to that vile drug. Learn and embrace this change which you will never regret. Stop questioning the ease and enjoy it!

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