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Hunter New England


Posted in Reasons to quit 28 Feb 2022
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I have a lung infection, but I still struggle to quit.

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  • Happiness March 01, 2022 | 8:30
    It is always more satisfying to do something that we WANT to do rather than wait until it is something that we are told we HAVE TO do.

    Follow us and find the desire to be a non-smoker by choice. There are so many advantages to reap from becoming so, and absolutely no reason to continue to feel that you need to smoke once you learn some truths.

    Smoking does NOTHING for us. We were brainwashed into believing the lies and especially the lies of smokers themselves. They MUST enjoy smoking. It is hard to quit, so I must also enjoy smoking.

    We smoke to avoid those fearful cravings. We are at nicoman's beck and call. Everything we do is around smoking. We smoked before, after and during chores. We used smoking as a reward. Yep, I can have a smoke and a drink once I am finished.

    You need to see and think of smoking in a different light. See the truth. We can quit smoking when we WANT to. We did and you can too. There are no exceptions, only excuses.

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