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Posted in Hints and tips 27 Feb 2022

Hi, I’m a social smoker what is the best NRT to use when drinking? Most effective you have found

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  • Happiness March 01, 2022 | 1:03
    Hello again KO1977.

    Perhaps now, two years since your first post , it is time to admit that you are not just a social smoker, but an addict to nicotine like the most of us here.

    We justify why we smoked with excuses. Yes, we know and knew it was bad for us, could become an addiction (and probably to late because we already were addicts by the time it dawned on us) and so believed that we must enjoy smoking . The fact is that we just enjoyed not being plagued by the cravings if we did not light up.

    Although I have not tried it, I would suggest taking Champix. Champix does not have nicotine in it. It is not a Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Patches, gums and lozenges just administer nicotine in a controlled way.
    Alcohol diminishes the effect of nicotine and we find ourselves amoking more when drinking. . On the other hand, nicotine diminishes the effect of caffeine, so when quitting smoking, one should watch the intake of caffeine as not to feel jittery and anxious. These are often confused with nicotine withdrawal.

    Champix takes the enjoyment out of smoking, so it may be very effective for you when out socializing. As you well know by following us here, the act of smoking itself is also a psychological problem for us to overcome. Perhaps a nicotine free e-cigarette to blend in with the social ideology you seem to require? Perhaps better still is to just replace it with regular chewing gum or twirling your hair with your finger.

    Can you honestly say your smoking is just social? Only you know and can make the right decisions for you. If you are not already a nicotine addict, I would of course prefer you to side step nicotine addiction with a fake cigarette. The lesser of evils but still not a good habit to get into.

    Read, learn the truths, face the truths, and you will overcome this!

  • Ris , Illawarra Shoalhaven April 03, 2022 | 13:35
    Agree social smokers just stop when they feel like it. If you need help to quit you are not a social smoker, just a fully addicted smoker who needs to own it.

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