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Unwanted diagnosis at a young age

Posted in Reasons to quit 15 Feb 2022
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I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that is chronic to terminal.

I’ve got too much to do in life and I don’t want to quit but I can’t afford it and I’m forced retired on a pension.

When you are on your own 85% of the time, it’s a real struggle.

I smoke when I’m bored drinking coffee or having a beer.

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness February 16, 2022 | 2:47
    I am sorry to hear of your chronic health issue but it and the affordability of cigarettes are great motivators to make this wonderful change. You can do it your know.

    Yes, Champix works great. It has no nicotine, so you are totally independent of nicotine once quitting the smokes. Champix blocks the sensors that make smoking enjoyable. While products aid in quitting smoking, it is also advised to seek conselling while doing so. That is a forum like us! Learn about nicotine and why we started to smoke. We did not opt to be life long smokers, but we can CHOOSE to change things once we believe we can. For too long we have been brainwashed that smoking does something for us. Tobacco companies lined their pockets while we paid to ruin our health.

    If you smoke out of boredom then do nothing while doing so. Do not day dream or plan. Think only of the smoke, the act the smell and the taste. Change your perception of smoking. See the truth! See if it really relieves boredom. The only real satisfaction in lighting up is to head off a craving. We use it before, after and during a task. We use it for grief and in joy. Nicotine is NOT a wonder drug. Nicotine is an addiction. That makes us ADDICTS to nicotine, and just like heroin or alcohol, just one can be detrimental. Not in itself of course, but one is never enough until we choose NONE forever.

    You are bored, but imagine what you could do if you had a few dollars to enjoy out of the house or a hobby within. Image you no longer need to choose something that requires time to escape to get that "FIX".
    Clean your house of the stench of smoke. It gets into your clothes and everything. Challenge yourself. Get exercise. Go for walks and enjoy the sunshine and smell the fresh air. Feel good about yourself and proud that you are making great changes to your life by quitting smoking. You have many more years ahead.....are you going to let smoking keep you prisoner?

    Knowledge is power. Believe in yourself like we who quit believed in ourselves. We quit smoking and so can you. Choose the better life and freedom. You will never regret it.

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