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Giving up smoking

Posted in Reasons to quit 04 Feb 2022

Hello I’ve been on here before about giving up smoking. I’m going to try again to give the smokes up. As I have got bad news from the doctor. At the moment I’m trying to cut down the patches. So I can do it this time as I have to.

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  • Happiness February 05, 2022 | 2:26
    You can do it Katiegirl, and you want to make your daughter proud. And the doctor tells you that you "Have too".

    The truth is that you have to want to quit for yourself. And you are the only one who can make that commitment and see it through. Find the want to quit for YOU.

    In the past , you have given up trying because smoking just 4 a day makes you think of nothing but when you can have the next one. Instead of finding reason to let it go, you empower it to hold you prisoner. I know because I cut down drastically but found it so hard that I just went cold turkey. Cold turkey is much easier really. It is like diving into cold water rather than wading in inch by inch. .... Do it and get it over with.

    But is nicotine the real problem? The psychological aspect of the quit is the hardest to overcome. You have repeated a habit daily 25 times or more. But habits can be broken. Perhaps changing your routine will help. I did daily chores, before my coffee in the morning . Feel good about getting something done rather than sitting down with the cigarette and coffee and thinking that it is much more enjoyable than what needs to be done. Clean house makes me happy >releases endorphines > dopamine so I get that boost from something other than nicotine.

    Research nicotine. Read Allen Carr. Visit us everday and learn about yourself. Gain confidence that you can stop smoking like so many here.

    I dare you to read this book Katiegirl. It is FREE, no download necessary...and can make quitting easy. Change how YOU think about smoking and you will be surprised how the process changes from past attempts. He even tells you to smoke while you read! So what''s your excuse today for not reading it? He will tell you from the start that people are afraid that by reading his book that they might quit......and that scares them. BUT if you dare to read on, he will dismiss all those fears. Makes sense .....right? So I want to post the link and I hope you will read it and gives us a response as to its helpfulness. Deal?

    Left click the mouse and drag over to
    Highlight the above address and then right click , then choose GO TO and it will take you there. Read and enjoy! Change your mind and change your future.
  • Cuba February 05, 2022 | 22:23
    Hi Katiegirl,
    I was inspired by your short story here . I also got told by my doctor to quit . In the past 5 months I have smoked 3 cigarettes. Even just those 3, each one, affected my breathing and I had a sample each time of how addicted I was and how it robbed me of my good health. I have not been perfect. Some people seem to be able to quit and never look back. I am not one of them but I am really trying. You can too. Happiness is right about going cold turkey. It’s a highly addictive drug that needs to be gone, clean off it . I am now making a pledge to myself to never pick up another one ever. Life is too precious and special and so are the important people in our lives. All the best I hope you succeed.

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