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Posted in Reasons to quit 30 Jan 2022

Just had 2 heart attacks and I'm only 50

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  • Happiness January 30, 2022 | 15:07
    We never believed we could quit smoking.. We never believed a lot of things.

    Change your way of thinking and change your life
  • Happiness January 31, 2022 | 1:02
    I will comment further here about my above statement which was to make you think and I hope didn't come across as uncaring.

    You can't believe that YOU had not one, but two heart attacks at the young age of 50. I can't believe I had a stroke in my early 60's. You don't believe you can quit smoking and wouldn't now if not for doctors telling you that you have to quit smoking. I had quit a year prior to my stroke but it may have enabled my recovery.

    You have made the choice to look into it. You have made the choice to live!
    Doctors can only tell you what is best but it has to be your decision.
    There are so many reasons to quit smoking. I bet you have tried before too and failed and resigned yourself to being a life-smoker just as I had.

    We can make the change when we want to. Stop being afraid to do it. Life is wonderful as a non-smoker......aside from better health, more money, less strink and destruction, fewer wrinkles, better taste and smell, self confidence gained and the glorious freedom from dictatorship. You don't realize how much nicotine and the act of smoking ruled your life.

    Read, learn and find that knowledge IS power. We quit smoking and you can too. Don't do it begrudgingly, feeling that you have to.....but embrace this life changing opportunity. Look forward to the journey and a better life ahead.

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