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Jack Russell
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Final Puff!

Posted in Reasons to quit 18 Jan 2022
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Everyone wants to quit smoking, but it has to be in your mind set! You know your ready to make the commitment!🌻🐕🐈

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  • Happiness January 19, 2022 | 5:04
    Any one can quit smoking, but like anything else some knowledge is helpful rather than just jumping in without guidance. My first attempts in the dark decades ago were enough for me to stop hoping that I would ever quit!

    While I did find it easy compared to most, I am not the exception. I truly do believe it is in the mindset. No one can force us to quit, but we can choose to quit and make the commitment to do so. Cravings do not last forever as I had imagined because some ex-smokers say they have cravings years later. I did not understand that in context then. A craving is a thought or a memory. They diminish in strength and frequency over time.

    Nicotine addiction can be over swiftly with cold turkey or aids like Champix. NRT's are nicotine replacement and help while you come to term with the quit. I refer to it as the psychological part of the quit where we need to live daily without the act of smoking which we did many times throughout the course of our day, some for decades. This long time habit and the ]belief that we need to smoke for our anxiety, confidence, and even that we enjoy it. Of course it is relieving a craving that we enjoyed.

    We can break this cycle. Choose to be free!

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