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Posted in Getting started 25 Nov 2021

3rd serious attempt in 40+ years. Tip to self: take all the help available - left the Dr, script filled straight away, signed up here same day - today!

I will also finish the treatment/pills even when I think I don't need to.

I will go on this site daily and track my progress.

I'm keen, I'm excited, I'm going to be cigarette free before my 60th birthday and I'm going to have a little more saved for my retirement (or to spend on the grandkids).

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  • Happiness November 26, 2021 | 1:26
    Time with your grandkids is the best gift of all. Events, games and talks. To dance at their weddings and see your great grandchildren.......
    With all the new technology and information, I found it easy to quit this time around. Perhaps because we accept our mortality and we want to make the most of our days left.
    Welcome. Read the stories and gain the desire to quit and the confidence in yourself that you CAN Quit.
    DESIRE and not require the willpower, but come much easier than you would think.

    We are addicts to nicotine. Lucky it is not illegal like heroin. We only smoke as to not crave. Nicotine rules our day. The good news is that we are stronger than nicotine and heroin. Our minds are strong and powerful and our bodies are somewhat forgiving and you will feel the benefits in your health, your wealth, your time and overall happiness. The sense of pride and confidence in yourself is restored . You will love being a non-smoker. Accept the change to come rather than fear it. After all, do you know of anyone who ever even said they wished that they smoked?

    I think we all at one time or another tried to quit, this time you have thte support, the knowledge and the tools required.
  • NOPE-2021 November 26, 2021 | 7:30
    Hello Michele1 and welcome to the best support community there is! I love, love, love your positivity! Stay on this site, read often and post often. Post with your progress. Posting not only helps others doing the same as you but also helps yourself. Soon, you will be cheering others on (as I am doing!). We are in this together and no one is different,... we ALL have the very same goal!!!

    Keep your positivity and you will succeed!!! Best,....
  • Robn November 27, 2021 | 21:16
    Hi Michelle1
    Welcome and congrats on the best decision of your life. I smoked for 40 + years. Tried countless times....often thought I would never be able to stay quit.
    I changed my attitude and it made the world of difference. I embraced my last quit, looked forward to each new day and even the tough moments...because every tough moment I got through, I felt stronger and more in control. It isn’t the nicotine we is the habit. When we have smoked for many years, the habit is in everything we do and every situation we find ourselves in. But with a positive attitude and knowing (really knowing) that we can break any habit that we want to...the quit is so much easier. You can do just have to want to quit more than you want to smoke. Stay focused and happy. You should feel elated that you are doing this for you, be proud and handle one day at a time. You can do it
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW November 28, 2021 | 7:54
    Welcome Michele 😊
  • Goodlands November 28, 2021 | 22:29
    Welcome Michelle.

    You've found the right community. This is the best group ever. Those first few days are really tough but you can do this. We're all sending you our best wishes from around the world. Knowing that is strength in itself. Imagine taking a deep deep breath, filling your lungs and NOT COUGHING. And Happiness is right, playing with your grandkids is the absolute best.
  • Michele1 December 03, 2021 | 13:50
    Thanks everyone for the welcome and the encouragement. Unfortunately I was all talk and chickened out on starting the Champix as I had a stressful week ahead and 'needed' my cigarettes. Any excuse! Well a week later and I'll attempt again. If you don't succeed first time try again. Fingers crossed I get a bit further this time..

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