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Hunter New England

I hope won't power is stronger than Will power as he is not very strong at the moment

Posted in Hints and tips 24 Nov 2021

Hi all. My story is that I have mouth cancer and need to stop smoking. I would think this would be a good motivation. My motivator does not seem to be very powerful. I have cut down but find it hard to get going in the morning and give in to the puff. I like my coffee and smoke rest time during the day also. I wonder when I start my treatment if I will hate smokes. Mean while every smoke I urge I tell cig I will not have one now thanks. I hope my won't will change my relationship with cigs.

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  • Happiness November 25, 2021 | 0:43
    Welcome Cigstop. This site can be of great help to you if you just continue to read and learn. We have all been addicts to nicotine and many of us have found our freedom. You can too.

    Will power, won't power or desire.....that is the ultimate choice. When you have desire for something, you are not afraid of it, or fear the change you look forward to it. Get excited about this change for the better in your life! Nicotine withdrawal is barely perceptible, and the psychological change of habit is easier dealt with when we look at the change in a positive manner.

    Cigarettes caused you cancer, gave nothing of value to you and really does nothing for you . We made excuses, heard excuses and validated our reasons for smoking. We do it to be free of cravings that it itself causes. Once you understand why you smoke, and start to desire the change , quitting smoking can be easy. It only took me 40 some years to finally believe that I could quit. A couple of failed attempts decades ago left me resigned to the fact that I would always smoke. I found a site like this 3 years ago and started feeling differently. Yes, I CAN quit smoking, and I did!

    Positive thinking, desire for change and a belief that you can do it are the solid foundation of a successful and lasting quit.

    Please read , learn and come to change your way of thinking. You CAN quit smoking. We are proof!
  • NOPE-2021 November 26, 2021 | 8:56
    Hello Cigstop and welcome. We welcome all and will stick with you all the way while you quit. One step at a time. First, you have a health issue that you feel you need to quit and that should be motivation alone. A health scare. Yes, that made you sit up and pay attention. A health scare puts you in the category that you "NEED to quit or else", and when you don't succeed with quitting, you wonder, "what will it take to make me quit"? You are NOT alone!

    My mother died of lung cancer, my dad of heart attack. Both were heavy smokers. Do you think it was a lesson learned for me to quit? No. I did not quit. Now years later, I am quitting smoking now because I WANT to quit.

    Don't feel bad that you did not quit immediately from you health condition. Many face health conditions and don't quit. I have to believe it's because they were not ready and the mere fact that you joined this community shows you are now READY.

    Start from the very beginning. Read posts from this site, get your mind into thinking you are only putting poison in your body. Get your mind into thinking you are BETTER than that and you are in CONTROL, as you should be. You are stronger than you think.

    After you are sure you can conquer this life taking addiction, set a date and just quit. Quit in the morning after a good nights sleep. At that point, you already have smokeless time under your belt.

    Stay with this community. Your new QuitFam. Join all of us doing the very same thing you are going to do. We are quitting. All of us are here for the same reason. We want to quit and we want others to join us. Please join us and work through it with us. No one is alone in this. We are ALL so familiar with what you are going through.

    Stay strong. Most of all,.. quit! Have your last cigarette, go to bed and wake up and NEVER have another puff. (N.O.P.E. = Never One Puff Ever!!!). You have a lot to life for and you can take control. We are behind you !!!!
  • Robn November 27, 2021 | 21:37
    Hi Cigstop, welcome to the start of a new life, a better life. I have never heard anyone say they wish they hadn’t quit smoking. In the morning when you wake up, make your coffee and sit and have it in a different spot. Make small changes everyday. Smoking is simply a habit...the nicotine side of it is over and done with very quickly.
    The hardest bit is breaking the rituals we all had around smoking. If you have another cigarette, sit and have it but really think about what that little tube of tobacco is doing for you....does it taste good, does it smell good, does it really make you happy, do you really feel that you want to smoke it. If you are honest with are having it because that’s what you have always is habit. Change small things in your daily routine, disrupt your routine. Quitting is a mind game essentially and you need to change how you view smoking. You can do it and it doesn’t have to be hard at all. Stick with us and post often

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