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I want to live

Posted in Reasons to quit 24 Nov 2021

i’m 17 years old and addicted. it’s so embarrassing and no one knows about it. i feel so ashamed of myself. today is my first day in a year where i have not had a smoke

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  • Happiness November 24, 2021 | 14:27
    Hi LivB. Why not ask yourself what you want in life and plan accordingly to realize those dreams. Right now take the cost of your smoking and multiply it to see the cost over a year. Wouldn'[t you rather a vacation? What will it cost over 5 years? A downpayment on a house and secure future. Will you trade all the possibilities away in order to burn your money and destroy your health. Image 50 years and still working to pay for an addiction.

    Good for you for wanting to change the mistake you made. Read , learn and be free!
  • NOPE-2021 November 26, 2021 | 9:15
    Hello livb and welcome to the best site for support. You are only 17 - so, so, young. However, you are very SMART!! You KNOW what harm you are doing to your young body. You KNOW you should not have this drug (nicotine) in your body! You KNOW you don't want smoking cigarettes in your future and you also know, that you will be an outcast at some point where most people around you either quit, or simply never have smoked.

    You can do this Livb. You are stronger than you think! You came to this site which is a sure clue that you are serious about quitting. All off us here are doing the same thing, so join us.

    I would suggest get educated. Read new posts, old posts and use the search tool. You need to get this commitment to yourself. Don't quit half heartedly. Make the choice to be FREE. You can do this, many have.

    I am so proud that you came around at such an early age. Some start at 17 and smoke for years before realizing the truth. You are a very smart person to have decided you just need to get this poison out of your life. It really is an addiction. This is serious and when you do quit you will be FREE.

    Hang out with us and tell us your progress, your non-progress,... we are all reading. A comment might not come around quick, but it helps to post,... get it out of you,... tell your feelings, your story... Posting is certainly a benefit for yourself. Simply shout to the world what you are going through,... good, bad or indifferent.

    Wishing you the best....

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