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Matty 27

Need help

Posted in Quit experiences 21 Nov 2021

I'm finding it very hard to start but once I do I know I can do it if any ideas on how to start would be great

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  • Happiness November 22, 2021 | 3:46
    Hi and learn how many have succeeded in quitting the vile habit/addiction and choose to live a smoke free life. So many advantages and all we have to do is decide that that is what we want. Believe you can do it, just like others before you and stop making excuses . We are stronger than nicotine.

    First make the commitment to a quit date and psyche your self up for that while learning how to think of smoking differently. Taste, smell and think about every smoke from here on in. Do it in private, just as you would take medicine. After all it is just a "fix" to relieve the uncomfortable cravings that come when we do not light up in time.

    Cravings are really just thoughts, and nicotine withdrawl itself is said to be almost imperceptible. Click on my name above and find the Link to Allen Carr's FREE e-book. Smoke while you read and learn and desire a beneficial change.
    Change how you think and change your life!
  • Robn November 22, 2021 | 13:40
    Hi Marty, welcome and great advice from Happiness. You can also kick start your quit by cutting back in your smoking now....just ask yourself before you light I having this smoke out of habit or because I really feel like one? Sounds silly but it is the start of being aware of why you are smoking each cigarette. As smokers, we smoke a lot of the time out of habit...not because we really want a smoke. I know I used to, I could have just had one, but if the phone rang I would immediately light up again without a thought. Start becoming more aware and read, read, read. This decision will be the greatest gift you can give yourself, start off well informed and with a positive attitude.
  • NOPE-2021 November 26, 2021 | 9:49
    Hi Matty 27,... sorry about the delay in responding,.. getting caught up. Yes, the two ladies that commented know what they are talking about. I am a bit of a newbie going on 16 weeks. However, I have learned a lot from this site.

    Hang here and read new posts as well as old and don't forget to use the search tool. Everyone is different, seems like there is a variety of quit methods. For me, I cut down for 3 weeks then went cold turkey. I was one hour at a time then one day at a time. Now, it is so much less of a chore to quit and weeks role by without me even paying attention.

    All of us began with day one. And now it's your turn. Read posts and please write posts. Even if you are having a bad day, it helps to just "get it out". We are here to listen. We all have the very same goal.

    So lean on us. Seriously,... let us know how you are doing.. Best....

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