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Posted in Staying quit 20 Nov 2021

Going into week 10 soon. It seems to get just that little bit easier each week that I say a big NO to cigarettes.

I’ve had plenty of times when I have had to talk myself through things. Don’t worry I still want a smoke at times and especially now it’s coming up to the festive season. But why not reword all of that and say that This year I will celebrate not smoking anymore.

I can still party without them! All those so called friends in a packet. I’m starting to feel proud of what I’ve done now and it’s great. 🙂

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  • Happiness November 22, 2021 | 3:49
    Continue to feel proud and look forward to being a happy non-smoker. You will love the new year ahead , free from cravings and self doubt and instead be filled with pride and joy.
    We know you can do it. You know it too! Keep up with the positive thinking.
  • NOPE-2021 November 26, 2021 | 11:18
    You have done sooooo well!!! Keep up the good work. Sorry about the delayed comment,...

    Your positivity is certainly an inspiration to me. Seriously. You are so positive and I am sure everyone that reads this post, is inspired!

    Keep up the positivity Cuba, and the good work. You are doing great!!! I think you really do have this hands down!! Best,...

    AND,... Happy Thanksgiving (we have loads of things to be thankful for.....).

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