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Finally achieved my goal

Posted in Quit experiences 19 Nov 2021
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Reached my goal not touched or had cravings at all been now 11 months ..

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness November 20, 2021 | 2:01
    Can we clarify that your goal was not 11 months or a given time but the feeling of independence of nicotine and the subconscious need to smoke finally banished?

    I found that very early on. It is all in how you choose to focus. Should we continue to believe it does anything for us, that it is stronger than our desires and that it will be a long hard road, then it will be. You set yourself up for failure. Instead we can set ourselves up for the winning goal with a plan , and looking forward to change rather than dreading it.

    Anyone can quit smoking, but the time varies by individual. Eventually all that are serious and determined to win do. The cravings do lessen by increments, I believe are directly linked to your level of acceptance. Congratulations on running the guantlet and finding freedom. It is wonderful to be a happy non-smoker.

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