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Posted in Getting started 17 Nov 2021


I have just come across this forum, and so grateful I did. I think everyday how much I am embarrassed to be a smoker, how much I want to quit; I look at others who are vibrant and confident (on the outside) and feel like that self love and acceptance is within me, but smoking is such a massive roadblock and barrier to me accessing it. And probably a massive bandaid for the reasons why I’m not loving and accepting myself, but it definitely enhances my insecurities and the negative and judgemental thoughts I have about myself. I am exhausted by it every day, it completely zaps my energy, which is then depressing. This habit has outstayed its welcome, ive been smoking for 6 years, trying to chase that first high I got off my first cigarette I believe; it was at a festival, when I had my first ecstasy pill. I’ve tried to quit multiple times in the past, my longest was 21 days for dry July in 2019 which I was so surprised and proud of myself for - people were commenting on how clear my skin was, I was exercising, I was glowing from the inside and out. And all I think everyday is I want to be back there again. I set my quit date for this Sunday the 19th so will try get as many things in place to support me as I can before then! Wish me luck, and speak to you all soon!

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  • Happiness November 18, 2021 | 2:05
    Hi Elc. Anyone can quit smoking. Some here , like i HAD smoked for decades. If we can quit, anyone can!

    A forum like this makes you also believe that you can. You already sound like you seriously WANT this, which is what some people coming here still need to do. When the desire to be free of smoking is greater than the thought of smoking, you are well on your way. Smoking does nothing for us at all. Read learn and believe!

    Change how you think of smoking, and the desire to change will get your there more quickly than most.

    Welcome. You CAN do this!
  • NOPE-2021 November 26, 2021 | 10:06
    Hello Elc and welcome! Sorry about the delayed response,..
    How are you doing? Some days have gone by from your post so I hope you are still at it and making progress with your quit. Realize,... others have done it and so can you!

    You are awesome to realize this is what you want to do. You are half way there just by getting real with yourself and understanding that you need to get control back.

    Yes, smoking can be embarrassing. I ended up being a closet smoker just because of that. Believe me,... same as you,.. being embarrassed and finally coming to realize it is TIME. TIME to quit smoking cigarettes and stop the addiction to nicotine. It is an addiction! Might not be legal, but it really is an addiction. Addictions need to be stopped.

    You have come to the right site. This site will give you inspiration and hope. You too can become one of the successful people on this site. You are not alone by a long shot. We have all had day number one! (Some of us, like myself,... several day number ones!).

    Keep positive. You can do this as so many have already done this. Many that did not breath fresh air because they were chain smokers. If they can do it, you can do it. I too am still working at it. I am nearly 16 weeks. I do have a couple suggestions.

    Read from this site. When you quit, take it one hour at a time, then one day at a time. Go to bed early when the urge happens later in the night. Drink water, breath real deep. One other thing,... post on this site. YES, it will do you a world of good just to post. Post your progress (or your non-progress if that is the case). This community has a solid desire to help people to quit. Post your concerns and also post your success!!! We might not answer and comment on all posts, but believe me,... we are all reading.

    Wishing you the best....

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