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Posted in Hints and tips 21 Jan 2013

well, i only quit today but i have my last experience to share. OK so i have been smoking for 9 years. I am now 23. I have 1 year old son. I didnt smoke when i was pregnant but i started again when i had him. when he was about 6 months old i quit for 40 days. My reason was... u know how when u smell a certain smell it, it brings back a memory? well i didnt want to be an ashtray memory! I want to smell like his mum! I don't know why i started again... but my new inspiration, apart from not living long enough to see my grandchildren, is.. OMG how fresh are oranges?? eat one of them then try a ciggy!! how disgusting! Oh and if u need further inspiration.. to me it seems like we are paying the government so we can kill ourselves in a slow painful manner.. who would voluntarily pay Julia Gillard?

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  • dr.feelgood , Western NSW January 21, 2013 | 22:13
    you know how much money the govt. get from smoking for every $1.00 spent the govt. get 75 cents they don't want you to quit, but it is good to quit and good for you, all the best.
  • AnythingsPossible , Western Sydney January 21, 2013 | 22:16
    Haha omg!! Well said in that last sentence!
    I'd rather jump off a cliff than give my money I get any longer than I have to!
    My last smoke was 11am today (21-01-2013) and I'm on nothing but champix. And my official quit date is tomorrow.
    Good luck to you Natty23 on your quit journey :)
  • AnythingsPossible , Western Sydney January 21, 2013 | 22:16
    To her**
  • Natty23 , Southern NSW January 24, 2013 | 20:32
    thanks guys :) how are u both going? How's the Champix? I tried that a few years ago, i didnt try very hard to quit that time... but goodluck to you both! How long have u both been smoking? i worked out the other day that i have basically set fire to 20 grand over the years on smoking.

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