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10 years

Posted in Staying quit 10 Nov 2021

Well its been 10 years on the 9th of november and i never went back on the smokes. I think im more healthier than i was ten years ago. I did have a heart attack so that was the decider. I must say though going cold turkey was tough. Anyway thats it i might come back and tell you when its been 20 years. So for those of you that want to give it up just stop it is hard but you will save a lot of money and live longer.

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  • Rsan November 11, 2021 | 3:11
    To go from minutes, days, weeks, months, years!!
    I can't wait to get to years.
  • NOPE-2021 November 13, 2021 | 6:28
    What a great, inspirational post. Success stories, such as yours, is really pushes me in the right mindset. Longevity. 10 years and still going strong. Thank you for checking in with this community and sharing your story. You don't have to wait until 20 years quit to post again. Maybe think of some tips or personal experiences that you might share with us that are in the beginning of the "quit". Some "seasoned" non-smokers such as yourself, volunteer their valuable time to let us know how wonderful they are doing and just the fact that they have so much time under their belt, is certainly encouraging. This is not a temporary quit,.. it is a quit that is FOREVER!

    10 years is something to be very proud of. Good going and thanks for sharing!!!

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