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Angry. Intolerance.

Posted in Quit experiences 07 Nov 2021

I feel so irritable. Angry.

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  • Lara.Dahlberg November 07, 2021 | 21:10
    I’m 48 hours and I feel depressed as.
  • Ginayankuloff, South Eastern Sydney November 07, 2021 | 21:42
    I am depressed too. I’m soo irritated that anything will trigger me. Everything and anything. I’m day 3
  • Happiness November 08, 2021 | 0:07
    Try to think on the positive side. Things that we WANT or CHOOSE to do willingly are by far easier to do.
    Be proud of yourself for taking the steps to change your future for the better. No one ever regrets quitting smoking. No one wishes that they smoked. It was a trap that we were lured into, but we have the means to escape it. Others quit and that gave me the confidence that I could as well. You can too! I is worth a little time compared to a lifetime of smoking.

    Take time to do something that you enjoy. Eat chocolate, smell lavender and listen to upbeat music. Research dopamine....the happy chemical in the brain that got a jolt when we smoked. Replace it with something else.

    Be Happy about your choice to become a non-smoker and envision yourself as one. You will adjust and you will love the changes it brings to your life. You will love the FREEDOM !
  • penelopejane November 08, 2021 | 0:56
    It was helpful to me to have it explained that an attitude change from 'withdrawal symptoms' to 'recovery signs' might help. I got those moods. I try to overcome them.
    Talking about it sometimes helped.

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