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Posted in Reasons to quit 07 Nov 2021

Hello all,

I’ve been a full time smoker for a short portion of my life.

There are just so many things I would like to do but that involves money.

I have autism and often get use to a routine or habit.

If anyone on here has autism and has managed to give up smoking.

May I please have some advice please.

Thank you.

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  • Happiness November 08, 2021 | 0:19
    Read and learn Lara. Adjust the way you think of smoking.

    I don't have autism, but I have been with this site for almost 3 years and have seen some who I never thought would stick it out and prevail. Some statistics seem to favour some over others. But I am a poker player and play the odds and if I don't have the cards in my favour, I play like I do.

    Don't use autism or anything as an excuse. Stick with us and learn to WANT to quit. BELIEVE that you can, as many had self doubt and surprised themselves. I smoked for over 40 years and never dreamed that I could ever quit smoking, but I did. There is no reason why you can't either.

    Read Allan Carr's free e-book that I have a link to in my stories. Click on my name here and find it and other stories with insight and helpful advice. This community is here to help and you need not feel alone. You have new friends and are on the road to freedom, self confidence, pride , and a wealth of other good things.
  • Lara.Dahlberg November 08, 2021 | 10:31
    Thank you so much.

    I really do appreciate this so much. It really means a lot.

    I will have a look at this when I can.

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