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Stress and boredom

Posted in Getting started 05 Nov 2021

Hi everyone,

I’ve been smoking rollies now for a year and a half. Prior to that I had been smoke free for nearly 10 years. I’m not sure why I started again exactly but I think it’s probably due to a stressful situation at home at the time. I think I also continued to smoke as some relief from home and work stress…and now it’s a full on as breathing. The need the habit is stronger than ever. I must do it at all times if the day, stressed or not.

I’ve tried to cut down, but end up smoking more. My mum lives with me and she’s always smoked like a chimney.

I have lots of health issues and smoking is the last thing Should be doing.

I need to find a way to change my thinking about how I handle stress and boredom. It has such stupid control over me and I need to take it back. Hoping to get some inspiration and tips from fellow quitters :)

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  • Cuba November 05, 2021 | 23:05
    Hi Marleywood, good on you for wanting to give it another go to stop smoking, at least I am sensing that is what you want to do.
    You need encouragement as you find stress and boredom to be your biggest problems. But as with any problems in life there are solutions. Tips aren’t really going to help you, you need to address these in new ways since I’m hearing that. My advice is to start some new things even if it is just one new thing, on a daily basis, and be consistent. And even if you find it boring just do it. Go for a nice walk to a park or a short swim at the pool -anything that will help release those feel good chemicals into your brain and it will greatly benefit you and your body. It is all about retraining yourself out of bad unhealthy habits like smoking, which is a biggie. Don’t underestimate it, it’s a powerful addiction as you know. If you can break this cycle of addiction then you can do pretty much anything that is the pay off. So just go for it! 😊
  • Happiness November 07, 2021 | 0:57
    You need inspiration and to change how you think about smoking.

    Once you realize that smoking did not relieve stress, is itself very boring and that the nicotine is the cause of your withdrawal and a vicious cycle that you need to make up your mind to say "ENOUGH!".
    Read and learn .....from both posts and especially the responses given.
    You are an does that make you feel?

    Cutting down smoking to a point is good, but only that which you don't miss. How many do we smoke without even realizing we lit up? Be Mindful, be aware .
    Go to the bathroom or somewhere boring, by yourself and THINK about that FIX. It is a medication in essence to relieve the symptom of withdrawl from nicotine. The root problem is the nicotine addiction which can be broken when we put our minds to it. End the cycle. BELIEVE that you can.

    You quit for 10 years, I don't believe that was sheer will power. You WANTED to be smoke free and enjoyed being so for at least 8 years or more without thought of smoking. A lapse in judgement gives life to any addiction which is why we adopt the NOPE protocol. Not One Puff EVER! In fact , I recommend that all should check in time and time again to remember where we came from and to help others.
  • penelopejane November 07, 2021 | 1:05
    I made the mistake of dreaming of studying literiture at university level and smoking cigarettes while I was reading. This of coarse never got me into uni, but I wanted to stop smoking. So all that happened was that I stopped reading novels because I found it impossible to stop smoking. Once I was quit I made a New Year's Resolution to read for pleasure each day. It was one of the best years of my life. I read six books. I thoroughly enjoyed each one.. Another year I worked as an Elf. I made Christmas presents for Children all year. Doing something voluntarily frequently helps people with boredom and looks very good on a resume. Have you tried reading or making something? My Doctor told me to take up cooking. -Without taking cigarette breaks. That was my first step in cutting down. Then I didn't smoke when I was out. I took up colouring-in. I did maths puzzles. I took up knitting and now I am teaching myself to crochet. Keep delaying that smoke. One suggestion I was given was to watch a movie at home, without smoking. I wish you all the best. resist the cravings until they weaken, and then reward yourself with something. One year while I was cutting down I made myself rose petal ice blocks for special drinks. It was a very hot summer. My niece decorates cakes. She would also like to quit for good. I feel for you because a friend of mine also quit for ten years, and took it up again, and said the cravings were worse. She became nervous. My Aunty helped me a lot by asking me to consider Her own quit method which was, when you get a craving wait ten minutes before you light up. I hope you find something to help. One bloke I know took up breaking twigs into little pieces in gardens. It doesn't have to have great meaning, just something else to do.

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