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Day 505

Posted in Staying quit 24 Oct 2021
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Just checking in as it’s important to keep doing so. Socialising at night with alcohol is really easy now to the point where I forget about smoking. The biggest help for me has just been time. At the start I would talk about it all the time and I think for me that was really important. The brain is a wonderful thing . Take care everyone and believe on yourselves x

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  • Happiness October 24, 2021 | 23:24
    Great to hear from you Jimois.
    Keep checking in periodically to reinforce your quit and to help others. We can put smoking in the long past over time. It is of no importance, just a period of time. ISmoking did not contribute to those occasions, it was just there like a monkey on our backs.
    Cheers! 👍

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