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Posted in Reasons to quit 24 Oct 2021

After having a heart attack it really was time to give up I haven't had a smoke since giving up. I am on patches and an inhaler.

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  • Dizee October 24, 2021 | 2:11
    Last Saturday my life changed I had a heart attack, that was the moment I quit. I was lucky it was a more minor heart attack, but in hospital it was all about smoking. I quit while in there they give me patches and a inhaler. So its now a week today and Im feeling proud I used to smoke between 15 and 28 per day.
  • Happiness October 24, 2021 | 13:11
    Good for you Dizee. We are lucky. We survived.
    Many do not get second chances, and fear tactics do not work as we know.
    People need to believe that they can quit. That is what happened for me when I joined a quit smoking site. This is the best and I have seen many find the WANT and BELIEVE to succeed. You can too.
    Stick with us. We are here if you need support. Read and Learn. Knowledge really is power.

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