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Lip cancer (slice off another piece)

Posted in Reasons to quit 08 Oct 2021

I tried to quit so many times. Then I got squamous cell carcinoma on my pipeline. I thought it was a little blemish-no big deal. It took a couple of months before it was on my radar, and it was during the pandemic shutdown. It's been over a year now since I had the surgery of removing 1/4 my bottom lip, doing various topical therapies to stave off any recurrences. I'm not out of the woods yet.

I finally quit smoking June 2nd 2021. I've had several breakdowns where I smoked. I just knew I had to quit! I used Chantix which was sort of a miracle, in that it made it possible for me to not desire cigarettes, it was really unpleasant to smoke. Mentally, I still crave it bad. Now it's been 100 days since my last cigarette and I'm incredibly grateful that I have been able to quit. (Knock on word)

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  • Smokefree21 October 08, 2021 | 5:25
    SCC on my lip. (Not pipeline)
  • Chellie, Central Coast October 08, 2021 | 17:11
    Wow well done 👏
  • Happiness October 09, 2021 | 0:04
    I hope that you will stick with us and change your mental dependency on smoking. Champix is a wonderful aid, but you also have to do your piece.
    If losing body parts piece by piece is not enough incentive, then please , please learn to think of smoking in another way. DESIRE for FREEDOM and many other benefits that quitting smoking offers may also help in this regard. Perhaps it is the self confidence and belief in yourself that is needed to stay quit. Join us daily and stop thinking that you are missing anything. Let us be your REAL friends.
  • NOPE-2021 October 09, 2021 | 7:15
    Dear Smokefree2021 - Welcome to the best support group around. You have gone through a lot and I give you much credit to even share that with us. We all have to be good to our bodies and the obvious is,.. stop smoking. You have accomplished a lot. 100 days is awesome,.. congratulations! 100 days is pretty major if you ask me. Now to get your mind into it so it is not so hard. Make it easier on yourself.

    Make it easier by reading from this site, and learn. Read each day and dig into older posts. Use the search tool. This site is filled with useful information. There are so many successful stories have helped make things easier for me. I have some bumps in the road but they are just "thoughts" and the "thoughts" go away. As everyone keeps saying, IT DOES GET EASIER (and it does). It will get easier for you too.

    Stay with us and we will be behind you all the way cheering you on. Go Smokefree21 !!! You can do this! Really, you CAN!!! Post again to let us know how you are doing. Communication really helps, both the writer and the reader!!! Best,...
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW October 09, 2021 | 8:48
    Congrats on 100 days smoke free and thankyou for sharing your health situation it sure reinforces the importance of being and becoming a non smoker. Well wishes and good health to you ❤️
  • Nuts October 10, 2021 | 11:42
    Hi Smokefree2. Well done on 100 days. That's fantastic. After 100 days your cravings are well and truly gone. Mentally you are not craving a cigarette, you are remembering the times that you smoked. It's the habits that are the hardest. Hang in there. It does get easier

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