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1000 days

Posted in Staying quit 02 Oct 2021

Yay. 1000 days smoke free. Couldn't wait for this milestone. For some reason it feels special. Thank you to all of you that helped me on my journey, and to all of you just starting out, hang in there. You can do it 🥰

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  • NOPE-2021 October 02, 2021 | 21:28
    WoW Nuts! Yippee for you! Such an achievement. Serious congratulations to you! I have read some of your past posts. I have to say, "thank you" for all the inspiration and encouragement you have shared. Your determination is contagious. Again, congratulations, that is a BIG accomplishment for sure!
  • Happiness October 03, 2021 | 0:03
    It's a great milestone for sure Nuts! Congratulations!

    Milestones are a measure of success, but not feeling that you are just abstaining to meet a goal is the biggest achievement.
    I know that you are of the Mindset to go forward with ease and never look back. We know that it does nothing for us and therefore we are missing nothing. We know that life is better as a non-smoker and that we would not risk returning to that trap. We are free! Most importantly we are happy with our decision.
    Again, Congratulations Nuts and please keep up the strong support for others. We can quit smoking when we believe that we can.
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW October 03, 2021 | 9:38
    Congratulations on your 1000th day. They sure sounds special to me 😊❤️👍
  • Chellie, Central Coast October 03, 2021 | 10:43
    1000 days smoke free is absolutely fantastic. I Think what you have done is massive good on you 👏
  • Ariel2121 October 03, 2021 | 12:48
    Hi Nuts,
    Well done, fantastic achievement. 1,000 days that’s special 👏💪
  • Nuts October 03, 2021 | 16:37
    Thank you everyone. With determination and the right mindset, you all will get there as well. I don't even think about smoking now. Don't crave it. Don't miss it. When I posted 1000 days , it wasn't about counting days, I just liked the look of it. I am proud of where I am now and I am not in the least tempted to light up again. Stay strong everyone. It really is worth it. Thank you for your kind words Happiness
  • Lia October 03, 2021 | 22:54
    Hi Nuts. 1000 has a nice ring to it. It is a special milestone as is your determination. Keep looking forward to each new milestone.
  • Happiness October 04, 2021 | 7:26
    Absolutely, nothing wrong with taking pride with great milestones. Of course 1,000 is special . Each and every day is significant in the beginning and 1,000 plus seems more in reach every day. It does get easier and it IS definitely worth any effort or temporary handships. Heartfelt Congratulations to Nuts and to all members working towards this achievement!
  • Leeann , Central Coast October 04, 2021 | 14:09
    Congratulations Nuts, you should feel super proud of yourself. Well done to you👏👏👌🙌😊
  • Nuts October 04, 2021 | 17:28
    Thanks everyone 🤗
  • GoldCoastMuzz October 04, 2021 | 18:13
    Well Done and Congrats Nuts! Thats very inspirational to many of us going through the same experience, I'm only on day 11 and knocking the cravings outta the ballpark one by one, keep up the new way of life :)
  • Nuts October 04, 2021 | 18:21
    Hi GoldCoastMuzz. Day 11 is fantastic. Almost 2 weeks. Stay strong and the days will fly by. 🤗
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW October 05, 2021 | 17:53
    Hi Nuts. Puff here.
    Congratulations for your ONE THOUSAND DAYS Smoke free.
    It is great being free!
  • Nuts October 05, 2021 | 19:39
    Hey Puff. Good to hear from you. Yes it is good to be free. We are the winners. Take care mate 🥰
  • Jimois October 07, 2021 | 4:20

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