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Posted in Quit experiences 01 Oct 2021

Hi ya'll, happy Friday, I have a question about sore throats, tender gums and roof of the mouth. Anyone have issues with this during the first 6 weeks of your quit? I seem to have some hoarseness, gum swelling, dry, sore throat.

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  • Happiness October 02, 2021 | 3:25
    You are still using the patch till the end of the week? Did you used it your last quit when you abstained smoking for 6 months? Did you have these issues then?
    If not related to the use of the patch or a recurring problem, I would have to think it is not related to your quitting smoking. I would definitely be seeing a doctor if it persists.
  • suzq October 02, 2021 | 4:03
    Happiness, I did use the patch last time, and I think I had the same problem....I cant remember. That was five years ago. Im lucky if I remember what I did yesterday!
  • Robn October 02, 2021 | 21:25
    Hi Suzq, yes I had similar for a few weeks...sore throat and bleeding gums. It went away after a few weeks. But if it is worrying you I would get it checked out just for peace of mind. I don’t think it would be related to the patches though. I can’t remember how long it went on but I do remember thinking I must see the doctor about this and then it just stopped. Get checked out just to be sure.
  • Happiness October 04, 2021 | 7:33
    It is always best to err on the side of safety. Quitting the nicotine really is the easy part. And there are other aids to use. (or cold turkey) You must have been happy as a non-smoker for those 6 month and experienced the benefits first hand., so I should think that adopting the correct mindset to make the quit easier would be much easier for you than some. It really does make a difference.

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