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Help for Anxious Smokers

Posted in Hints and tips 29 Sep 2021

Tip 1 - Podcast "The Hypnotist" - find a smoking episode and listen to it while going to sleep for the first week, each day pick a different one. Turn the volume low just above a whisper and let it play through the night, other episodes will follow but they are positive and confidence building. Hope it makes you feel great like it did me, and took the struggle out of trying to quit.

Tip 2 - Take Turmeric supplement after dinner each night. The main active ingredient is Curcumin which is known to increase Dopamine. The reason we are addicted is smoking reduces Dopamine in our bodies when we first start to smoke, we then constantly chase Dopamine which we get as a temporary boost from smoking. Since taking this my cravings are very mild and pass quickly.

Tip 3 - Take St John's Wart Supplement after breakfast each day. It is a herb used for centuries to help nervous conditions like depression, it is believed to increase the activity of brain chemicals such as serotonin to elevate your mood. Since taking this I have felt less anxious and more confident. **Not safe to take with some medications, check with your doctor and note this is not a substitute for antidepressants**

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  • NOPE-2021 September 29, 2021 | 21:34
    Wow, nice post Ris. Very educational, worth keeping. Thx!
  • Happiness September 30, 2021 | 0:06
    I took a ginger and turmeric concoction which I have written about. Dopamine and Serotonin can play a major role in quitting. St. John's Wort is to be researched before taking as stated.
    A great post!
  • Ris , Illawarra Shoalhaven September 30, 2021 | 20:49
    Thanks Nope and Happiness, its great you are both active on here it's nice you are supporting others.

    Happiness that is new information for me, I did not know Ginger helped with cravings. I really like Ginger wished I had known earlier, maybe I could take Ginger in my pocket to the pub and when my mates smoke I can chew on it
  • Happiness October 02, 2021 | 3:31
    Ginger is more for nausea, but then one expects the smokers flu, which I did not experience. Puff no More sucked on ginger crystals, and a couple of others used it. I have no real feed back but then again if we believed it worked, maybe as a placebo? If the nicoman can trick our brain, why can't we also?
  • Ris , Illawarra Shoalhaven October 02, 2021 | 8:06
    Full of information 'Happiness' I did not know about smokers flu, I just started feeling better each day, no coughing or anything. Was looking for a coping mechanism when I return to being around smokers, sounds like Ginger is not the right thing.
  • Jessfreeof , Northern NSW October 03, 2021 | 9:47
    Thanks for the tips ris 👍

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