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Posted in Staying quit 29 Sep 2021

Okay, so at the end of this week, I will be finishing up my 7 mg patch. I don't plan on buying anymore, but I can feel the anxiety building already. Any advice on how to calm the nerves as I let go of my one remaining crutch?

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  • Happiness September 29, 2021 | 4:34
    You have been working towards this SuzyQ. You have learned to deal with cravings, whether they are nicotine which are really almost imperceptible or the psychological ones which are mere thoughts. Thinking you need one encourages the nicoman, Knowing that you do not and knowing that you are determined to take control back puts you in the drivers seat. Think and take this where you want to go.
    We are stronger than nicotine. We simply need to make up our minds.
  • NOPE-2021 September 29, 2021 | 8:13
    Hi suzq. I see you have MANY days without a cigarette, which is VERY commendable!!! Congratulations for that! As for the patches and getting off of them, I don't really have experience with that. However, it seems you are getting anxious way ahead of time. YOU are putting yourself there, before it even happens. You are assuming you will stumble or fail before you even go without the patch. Who knows, you have been doing so well, maybe you can do this without any repercussions!

    In the event you need a helping hand, read, read, read from this site. Take some long breaths, do one hour at a time, one day at a time and go to bed early (seems to be my go-to tip even for myself).

    So many days without a cigarette. You should be proud of yourself. I imagine you got through some psychological feelings of having an actual cig in your mouth, between your fingers, inhaling and exhaling the smoke. I think that is something BIG. You survived that part, now for the next part. The patch.

    If it REALLY gets tough, maybe go to a lower level? Or lozenges? I really don't recommend staying on any of these things, as I think you can do this. You accomplished a lot just by ditching the smokes!!! You are soooo close suzq, don't give up now! Stay focused and positive. You can do this for sure! YOU GOT THIS GIRL!! We are ALL behind you!!! Stay SMOKE FREE and NICOTINE FREE!!!
  • Naomi1601 September 29, 2021 | 13:04
    When I went off my 7mg I was nervous to, I did this on a day that I knew I would be busy and I would not have the chance to think about it and I didn’t. Just think of the day you went down to the 7mg, a slight headache I bit shaky but nothing you can’t get through! I tried to stay as positive as possible on this day and reminded myself why I was quitting! Going off patches was easy compared to how I felt yesterday and the amazing people on this site helped me to get through my cravings and today I feel amazing I feel like I could now accomplish anything because of this online community. A few days after getting rid of that patch you’ll be able to say ‘YOU DONT CONTROL MY LIFE ANYMORE’ this is what I did and now I never want to have to go through withdrawal of nicotine again! Keep yourself busy and surround yourself with supportive non smokers and you can successfully move onto the next step of giving up nicotine! To be honest shaking the habit has been harder then the withdrawals of nicotine for. You have got this in the bag you have already come along way you can definitely give up the patch!
  • Chellie, Central Coast October 03, 2021 | 10:45
    Hi Suzy how's it going

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