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Having a hard day

Posted in Quit experiences 28 Sep 2021

I am currently on day 59, I started off with NRT and came off that about 3 weeks ago. I have been doing really well, not thinking that much into it. I have put on around 5kgs and now my self esteem is struggling. I work 2 jobs and study full time at uni = stress. I am finding myself procrastinating and feeling unfocused whilst trying to complete assignments. Today has been exceptionally hard for me. Some tips and tricks on how to get past today would be really appreciated

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  • NOPE-2021 September 28, 2021 | 10:44
    Hello Naomi1201 and welcome! Day 59 is such an accomplishment you don't want to forfeit your success by caving. Sounds like you are absolutely over worked and I can understand the desire to grab a smoke,... BUT,... DON'T DO IT!!!!

    You can get by one hour at a time. Stay focused, one hour then two, then go to bed early and hopefully you are over the hump. You have come a very long way and you don't want it to be for nothing. You have done so awesome.

    I can understand what you are going through. I too have had my "times" but for me, when things get very bad, I actually wait one hour and I turn to this site and read, read, read. I get a full dose of inspiration. I use the search tool or look into someone's older posts. We are not the only ones that have struggles. People get through the struggles, and you can too.

    Everyone seems to have their own tips and tricks. Find one that works for you. Many members swear by saying and thinking N.O.P.E (Not One Puff Ever). Just remember, a cigarette is not going to help matters they only produce more stress.

    You WILL survive this Naomi1201. Don't give up on giving up. You have done an awesome job so far. Keep it up. You GOT THIS GIRL !!!
  • Robn September 28, 2021 | 15:09
    Hi Naomi1601, what a fantastic achievement 59 days is. You are doing so well. Remember this too will pass. You just need to refocus at these times, go do something different, do a crossword or a puzzle. Go for a walk. Refocus your mind on something else. Take a nice hot shower and have a nap, read a book. Any distraction until the thoughts pass. Because that is all it is, a thought. You have beaten this for 59 days and you know that you can do another day. Sometimes it can feel like you are always having to work at staying quit, but you don’t. You just have to be 100% committed to never wanting to smoke ever again. Once that is how you think all the have succeeded. Stick with it one day at a time.
  • Naomi1601 September 28, 2021 | 16:34
    Thank you both for the inspiring comments! I am feeling better after a few hours I just distracted myself and now I have moved on from the idea! I can’t thank you both enough for the support! I am truly grateful!
  • Happiness September 28, 2021 | 21:32
    Great advice given and wonderful to see you get through a difficult period without relapse. Take pride in that and your ability to see further ahead and strive for the prize of freedom. Remember that smoking did and does nothing.
    You are doing great! Other issues will be dealt with in due time. You CAN do this and you will know that you can do anything that you set your mind to!
  • Naomi1601 September 29, 2021 | 12:54
    I would like to say how grateful I truly am for all of this amazing comments! I wouldn’t have gotten through yesterday without all of you virtually by my side. Today I am feeling so much better I didn’t touch I cigarette yesterday and I’m so incredibly happy that I didn’t and I owe this to you all for your inspiring words to help me through that hard day! The last time I tried to quit I had a day like that and gave up as soon as I felt like I did yesterday! So thank you all so so so much!
  • NOPE-2021 September 29, 2021 | 21:36
    I'm so glad Naomi1601 that we could help! Another reason to post often and stick with us! Have a good rest of your week! (Smoke FREE!!!).
  • Chellie, Central Coast October 01, 2021 | 9:10
    Wow 59 days absolutely brilliant 👏.. just curious how much have you saved .. you know 5 kilo is nothing you will lose that when you've finally beaten the nicodemon nicodevil horrible addiction. You really are a legend to me .. 59 days yahoooò I'm on day 13 cold Turkey... you give me hope xx
  • Naomi1601 October 01, 2021 | 9:15
    Oh Chellie that is a lovely message, I have saved over $1600 dollars and I just bought the new iPad to reward myself, it is so worth quitting for the money! I use to scrap up coins at the end of a fortnight use to buy a packet of smokes and now I’m saving money! Money was my biggest motivated at the start of my quit and now I just feel so much better mentally and physically! You can do this, cold turkey is super brave I could not do that and the fact that you are at 13 days means you have no nicotine left in your body!! Now it’s just getting past habit! You should be very proud of yourself!!
  • Lia October 01, 2021 | 13:10
    Hi Naomi. Hang in there. Gaining weight can be part of the trade off. Trust me, losing weight is easier when you are ready and are feeling you are on a successful quit trail. I managed to get up to 77kg. Decided to reward myself with a small fraction of the $40000 I had saved from the ashtray by buying myself some slightly pricey bling. I figured if I could quit smoking, surely I could control what I ate. Sure enough, it worked. 21 kg later, I proved that. If you are studying, chances are you are spending some time sitting and this is also a way to gain weight. Be kind to yourself. No doubt your taste buds are screaming with delight cos they can actually taste all sorts of food. Consider the weight gain a reward you give the taste buds. If you can persevere with study, you can do anything else you put your mind to. Also, think of the "pay rise" you will receive by not smoking. Heaps more than any employer will offer. My pay rise is nearly $20000 pa. Carton used to cost $196 just over 6 years ago, now $420... I would have gone broke. If you stop smoking, maybe you could reduce your work hours and get that degree a bit faster. Enjoy the ride and the support you will get on this site.
  • Jessfreeof, Northern NSW October 03, 2021 | 9:50
    Hi naomi1601 thinking of you and hope you're having a great day today 😊

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